Free 80’s Comic! – Atomic Issue 1

Over on Issue, Tony Foster has posted up the entire first issue of Atomic which was originally published back in May 1987! You remember 1987. It was back when we were all young, thin and pretty. Description as follows : Atomic issue 1. Editor Tony Foster. Launched in May 1987. Cover art by Tony Foster….

ANOTHER free Dredd comic courtesy of David Broughton/Zarjaz

David Broughton has been good enough say we can share the link to another of his 2000AD advent calendar comics, Bad Crop. So….over to Dave! Judge Dredd and his team on their Quasar bikes which originally appeared in Judge Dredd ‘Cursed Earth’ brought back to take part in the 25 page full colour 2000AD forum…

Free Rogue Trooper Comic?

Created by David Broughton along with Dave Evans and Richmond Clements of Zarjaz, “More Milli-Com Memories” was originally put together for the 2000AD message board annual advent calendar. Over on his blog, David has posted up a really interesting page of layouts and design along with some step by step pages showing the creation process….

Want a free Dark Judges comic? Of COURSE you do!

Back when I used to do a bit of small press writing I was lucky enough to get the chance to do two Dark Judges special editions for the guys over at Zarjaz. Not done any writing for a few years, though weirdly I think an old script of mine is being worked on for…