Batman courtesy of Mark Chilcott

Click the image to see full size Mark has just posted this up with the following comment – “Another quick bat sketch to warm up after the holiday break” Sketch? A SKETCH? I think he’s just trying to piss me off now. Anyway, absolutlely fucking beautiful and shared with his permission. Set as my tablet’s…

Judge Griffin by Bill Sienkiewicz

As posted by Bill Sienkiewicz himself over on his twitter and apparently the result of him visiting the Family Guy studios today. Absolutely love it! Have to wonder if 2000AD fanboy and Family Guy artist Mick Cassidy has nicked the original yet  

Judge Anderson courtesy of David Roach 

If you’re on Facebook (and who isn’t?) and don’t follow David Roach you’re seriously missing out. Not only is he a walking encyclopedia of comic book art constantly sharing the work of others he also posts up many of his own pieces such as the beautiful commission below.  One day I’ll get something from him….

Some Boo-tiful artwork (see what I did there?)

Apparently it’s Boo Cook’s birthday so first off… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also, any excuse to post up some of his art. There’s also some amazing pics of his spine image for the new 2000AD hardback collection doing the rounds so go hunt those down as well.