Review – 100% Biodegradable Issue 19

100% Biodegradable Issue 19

Before I start I’ll post the blurb which will save me putting credits on everything. I’m lazy but I’m not stupid :

Inside issue 19 of 100% Biodegradable: A seaside clash between Mods and Rockers is met with nuclear retaliation in Mods Versus Mutants by David Hailwood, Neil Bryant and Tony Suleri. Captain Jerry Kowalski breaks out of the nut house and straight into a sanity-bending military mission in Off The Reservation by Chris Sides, P.L.Woods, Liam O’ Connor and Ken Reynolds. An ancient alien life form makes first contact with Scotland’s finest in part five of Skowdogs by John Freeman, David Hailwood, Dave Thomson and Ken Reynolds. An obsessive autograph hunter visits hell to seek favour from the devil in Sam Quadrant by Shaun Avery and Dave Snell. A psychotic headless chocolate addicted android assassin takes exception at pushy clients interrupting his cartoon hour in David Hailwood and Dave Thomson’s Faceless, and the golden age of flight is brought to a swift standstill by a pernickety Traffic Warden in Fight Or Flight by David Hailwood and Brett Burbridge.

The digital anthology is 37 pages, full colour.


Cover – Well thats a “BUY THIS COMIC” cover if ever I’ve seen one. Has a bit of Brendan McCarthy in it’s colours which is cool but for me it’s all about KILLER CRAB! Love it.

Mods versus Mutants – A fun story where a government plan to deal with the issue of mod/rocker fights only exacerbates the problem (long word achievement unlocked). Doesn’t take itself too seriously, has a nice twist at the end and all presented with a distinct art style that seves the story really well, especially in the impressive group scenes. A strong opener and extra points earned for arguably comics’ first hazmat bikini.

Off the Reservation – Well that was a mind fuck. I’ll be honest I’ve read this twice and not totally sure I got it or even if I was supposed to. Seriously surreal and reminded me a bit of the type of story you’d get in Revolver back in the 90s. The art handles the weirdness well and is crazy inventive but the very last panel threw me a bit as I couldn’t be 100% sure what I was looking at as it seemed to contradict what was shown just before. Probably just me. Enjoyed it anyway.

Skow Dogs #5 – The first story not to be a one and done and one I haven’t read the previous installments of. That said it was easy enough to jump onboard with and felt a lot like 2000AD’s Grey Area but with much more of a sense of humour to it. Really fun banter between the main characters and even this one part gave me a good handle on them all and made me want to go back and read the preceding parts. Really nice artwork as well which, again to go 2000AD, actually had me checking to credits box to make sure it wasn’t Lee Carter. Would happily read this under Tharg’s banner and not think it out of place. Would actually prefer it to a lot of current content.

Sam Quadrant – An autograph hunter goes to extreme lengths to add to his collection. Not sure this one worked for me as the rules of the story’s universe are a little unclear. Couldn’t tell if the autographs were more than just autographs as there seemed to be a lot of high level interest/assistance in his collection and it’s also suggested his pen may be more than just a pen but we aren’t really shown this and it sort of seems all a setup for a last panel pun. Not my favourite unfortunately, Some nice demons in the art though.

Faceless – Now this one felt like it was written just for me. Funny, violent, pretty fucking perfect. A totally amoral robot killer who likes cartoons and chocolate takes out a target after bumping off most of his employer’s minions. Brilliant artwork selling both the insane violence and the comedy and this actually managed to make me laugh out loud at a moment of surreal politeness as the assassin meets his mark. Only thing wrong with this is that it feels like a one and done where I’d happily read this as an ongoing series. Brilliant stuff.

Fight or Flight – Uh oh. Steampunk. That twitch I get in my eye whenever an Ian Edginton strip is announced has started up. Luckily this story is about a traffic warden who also hates steam punk so goes out of his way to annoy the clock part wearing bastards. You have to love someone who puts an oversize parking clamp on a steam train. Despite the comedy setup it ends pretty darkly but in a way that totally works for the story. Very cool art showing some great design work, even if it is designing steampunk which, I may have mentioned, I’m not a fan of. Cog-Man the robotic warden was particularly well done and actually looked workable. A great ending to a great issue.

My first look at 100% Biodegradable and a hell of an introduction. Strongly recommended and I’ll be firing up the comichaus app later on to dive into some back issues. I usually say my favourite when looking at anthologies so in this case this was definitely Faceless.

I’ll post up the full details on where you can get this below. DO IT!


Where it’s available (priced $0.99/69p):

Drivethru Comics:


A ComiXology release will follow at a later date; previous issues are available here:

There’s also a bargain of a bundle running on Drivethru Comics until the New Year; the first 12 issues of 100% Biodegradable for just $3/£2.25.

For those who prefer print format, 100% Biodegradable Collections 1, 2 and 3 – which collect strips from issues 1-6, 7-10, and 11-14 respectively, are available on Drivethru comics in a ‘3 for 2’ bundle (also running until the New Year).  Each 100+ page anthology is packed with more than 20 strips from the likes of Kek-W, Jon Haward and Dan Cornwell.

100% Biodegradable Collection 4 has also just released on Drivethru, featuring contributions from Liam McCormack Sharp (Wonder Woman, X-Men), John Freeman (Judge Dredd Megazine, Dr Who), Brett Burbridge (Sliced Quarterly), Alan Burrows (2000ad, Commando), Mats Engesten (The Final Deathrace), Tony Suleri (Slumdroid, Bulletproof) and many more.


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