2000AD Sketchbook Raffle for Cancer Research UK


To follow up on an earlier post …over the last few years, The Mega City Book Club ‘s own Eamonn Clarke has journeyed to comic conventions across the land to seek out signatures and sketches from all of the very best 2000AD droids.

‘That’s nice, but so what?’ you might be thinking, ‘we all do that as nerds / geeks / 2000AD fanboys and girls…’.  Well yes, you’d be right, we do, but the difference with Eamonn is he does it all for Cancer Research UK.   I’ve seen him happily treking around all the conventions loaded down with books, to get the Galaxy’s Greatest to contribute a skecth or a signature, and more.

Eamonn’s latest charity raffle is for a packed 2000AD sketchbook, which he started back in 2015 at Thought Bubble.   D’Isreali, Leigh Gallagher, Simon Davis, Boo Cook, Tom Foster and Mick McMahon have all contributed, as have loads more – for the full list and a walkthrough by Eamonn himself, have a look at his Youtube video.

To be in with a chance to win the sketchbook, and a few other items too (all detailed in the video), you can visit Eamonn’s Justgiving page and donate – the minimum donation on JustGiving is £2.00, therefore each raffle ticket is £2.00.  Donate as much as you like (to give you more chance of winning!) and Eamonn will pick the lucky winner soon – Good Luck!!

Eamonn has raised going on £5,000 over the last few years, and doesn’t seem to be stopping at any point soon, so if you can’t join in this time, keep an eye out for future 2000AD raffles 🙂



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