Selling at Conventions – A Short Rant courtesy of Antony Ezmond

Over on his Never Iron Anything! blog, Tony has posted up a very well worded rant on the the joys of the comic con hard sell. Worth reading especially if you yourself are a comic creator and are feeling your way about how best to approach punters. I have actually spent one con on the other side of the table with a book to selland hated it.  Personally I was in the “The book is there, if you want a look, knock yourself out” camp and the one person who gave me a “So, why should I read your book?” got a “Why should I care?” back. That said when I’m at a con, especially one with smaller rooms, I do sympathise with the table monkeys who all look up expectantly when someone walks in….though I’ll often find myself avoiding such rooms.

Anyway, go check it out Tony’s entertaining take on it all here >

For a less eloquent version I’ll add in a point myself as a grumpy fucker who spends most of his time at comic cons internally doing the “Whoo-saaa” exercise from Bad Boys 2. I do love a rant….

My top hate at cons? Well, other than Deadpool cosplayers who think they’re “whacky” and the ever growing list of people I want to hit with a chair on the rare occasions they aren’t hiding behind their keyboards? The guy who goes “HEY!” then points at you and swishes his hand back like a shitty game show host before following up with “… YOU like comics?”.   No you prick I’m here because I have a fetish about being in cramped environments with the socially awkward. It’s a fucking comic con. I get that it’s an opening that should guarantee you a “Yes” answer but still….piss off.




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