Review – Nick Prolix’s Slang Pictorial 1

While Nick’s name has been well known on the indie circuit for a good few years,  and I’d heard a lot  (of good things) about his work, I only met him this year at my Cardiff Indie Comic Expo.

I managed to fail dismally at picking up his books though until True Believers Summer variant a few months back. For which I’m now kicking myself.

Slang Pictorial number one is awesome.

I read it curled up on the shores of Nissaki Beach in Corfu – seemed kinda apt, as Nick himself pointed out to me on Instagram, to read a story about Greeks in London, on a Greek island – the lengths I go to for this site I tell ya!!

Bookended by two one page stories, the main narrative focuses on Jimmy, a small time loan shark with an incredible quiff,  working for two nasty Kray-like crims : Vassos and Vondis.  Issue one is a window into Jimmy’s life, loves, and family.

A tonne of story is packed into this 24 page black and white comic, which Prolix has written, drawn and lettered solo. You don’t just learn about Jimmy, but his current lady friend and family are also drawn out with depth and character. To say more would probably spoil, so I’ll leave it there.

Absolutely loved this and really quite cross that I left the second issue at home.

Issue three is being launched at True Believers next February.

You can pick up your own copy here


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