Review – Samurai Slasher vol 1

Written by
Mike Garley
Art by
Andy W Clift, Kristina Gee, Gavin Mitchell, Wynn Ryder
Colored by
Nathan Ashworth
Cover by
Gavin Mitchell
Lettered by
Mike Stock

I’m ashamed to say this isn’t one of my comics, it’s one of the wife’s that I pinched off her. Not that she shouldn’t have it of course, just that a comic about an 80’s horror style slasher is WAY more my thing than hers.  And this comic is really my type of thing.

Four stories are contained in this collection, each by a different artist and each with their own feel. Of the four the first was definitely my favourite being the one that’s so VHS horror it almost feels like it should need tracking. It’s the classic kids on a camping trip story with the slasher appearing to fuck up their day and while a samurai in that environment is ridiculously out of place it totally works. The feel is all very Friday13th part 6 in that yeah it’s nasty, very nasty in fact, but there’s dark humour in the violence which is especially well displayed by some clever sound effect choices.

The second story, the Origins of the Samurai Slasher does what it says on the tin and is a lot more serious than the opener but equally as effective. I’m not totally sure it explained why he’d be chopping up teenagers Jason style but does a great job of explaining his initial purpose and showing that while it’d be fine for the character to be totally one dimensional this isn’t the intent.

The third story where the Samurai is placed in a museum exhibit before wreaking havoc was also a lot of fun but story wise did have a few dodgy points for me. During some gunplay we get “Stop firing, you’ve hit the gas pipe!” which is an obvious plot setup point for some kablooey action later but y’know…what gas pipe? It’s an exhibit in a posh museum display room that the patrons have paid serious money to attend. There’s an exposed gas pipe on the wall? And they just know that’s what it is? Is it labelled? Then later “Woman! Get me the crane! With the magnet!”. What? You want to ask if she has a flux capacitor stuffed in her bra too? These bits seemed so daft as to make me think it’s probably intentionally so and maybe my reading it straight after the serious one wasn’t the best idea as I was looking at it too critically.

Giving the collection a nice movie anthology feel the last story is the one where the Samurai is taken down in a way he couldn’t POSSIBLY return from….wink wink. Again very Friday 13th and a perfect ending to a very cool first issue.

I really enjoyed all of this, even the one I apparently have a stick up my arse about, and as I understand vol2 is already out and vol3 is in the making I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for these at future cons. Or keeping my head down and hoping the wife buys them

Now I just have to hope they pitch the character to the makers of my current gaming obsession, Dead by Daylight, as it’d be a hell of an addition 

For more info:

Creators website –

Comixology link for digital copies –


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