Review : Impossible

Written by Chris Sides with art by Jake Rowlinson, Impossible is a bit of a weird one in that it ends at the point many stories would properly get started. I’ll try and explain that a bit better but as a result this will contain mild spoilers.

The story deals with a group taking over an orbital station only to find out there’s more to one of the support staff than they’d bargained for. So kind of like Under Siege in space but with a physicist instead of a cook. Here though we’re essentially provided with the first act and the book ends at the point where the payback traditionally begins. The bad guys assume he’s out of the picture. The bad guys assume wrong.

It’s a ballsy move to make it like this but luckily it pays off and serves to give the book a very unique feel. The fact the protagonist is a mathematician as well as someone who can take care of himself in a fight also distinguished the whole thing as he’s as likely to solve a problem with an equation as a punch to the face. It’s a cool character the end of the book promises we’ll see more of and if you’re happy to read this as the first of a series then there’s lots to recommend here. But, if you’re expecting a self contained book then the abrupt mid-plot ending may frustrate especially as smaller press schedules mean you may be waiting a few years for part 2.

The art is very professional looking and tells the story well with the space scenes particularly well done giving it all a great sense of scale. Co-incidentally the artist, Jake Rowlinson once drew a Strontium Dog strip I wrote for Dogbreath. Small world this small press stuff. Of course I am in NO way suggesting this means he’s a 2000AD fan and may have been slightly influenced by a certain character when drawing the top panel below…

It’s a Markosia book but I won’t hold that against them. If you’re in the mood for a cinematic action thriller with some brains snuck in this is well worth picking up. I’ll post the full release info below

Written & created by Chris Sides

 Art & Lettering by Jake Rowlinson

 Colours by Daniel Franco

 Graphic design & additional editing by Ken Reynolds

 Published by Markosia Enterprises

 2046. Will McGillis, an astrophysicist, is contracted last minute to join the crew of the AMALA in low-Earth orbit, who are part of an orbital clean-up operation; one that aims to rid Earth’s various orbital patterns of space debris, with the future intention of building a new space station/port.

 This is routine stuff, but unknown to McGillis, the AMALA’s crew have been sub-contracted by a mysterious client to gain access to and retrieve sensitive information from the old, almost completely burnt-out husk of the International Space Station, in permanent high-Earth orbit. McGillis is betrayed and blown out of the AMALA’s airlock into space. Unknown to the backstabbing crew, however, McGillis has had extensive military training. Willing to do whatever it takes to get back to Earth and to his family, Will McGillis must perform the impossible…

 IMPOSSIBLE is an 86 page graphic novel and the first in a planned trilogy. It’s the first official book in THE FROSTBYTE LEGACY, a series of stories set within a fictional future history of the world, where Frostbyte Industries, a vast, multi-national and incredibly influential technology company, is the one constant.

 The book launched at London Super Comic Con and worldwide on Friday 25th August and includes pinups from Jake and Dan, as well as a guest pinup by Reckless Hero’s Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins.

 It’s available to buy from:

 Big Cartel / Comichaus / Comixology / Drive Thru Comics / Amazon (& worldwide) / Markosia





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