Launch event for TOMORROW by Jack Lothian and Garry Mac : Glasgow 12.09.17


Next Tuesday (12th September) sees the official launch event of BHP Comics latest publication: ‘Tomorrow‘ at Waterstones, Argyl Street, Glasgow. 

The very awesome Garry Mac (artist) will be there, with the equally awesome Sha Nazir (colourist & publisher).

It’s a perfect opportunity to pick up your very own signed copy of Tomorrow and pick the team’s brains.

The official blurb:  Tomorrow is a haunting sci-fi story, in a prestige format one-shot graphic novel, from screenwriter Jack Lothian (The Halcyon, Doc Martin, Shameless, Skins) and artist Garry Mac (Gonzo Comic, Freak Out Squares)”.

Tomorrow is an incredible book.  Creepy, intruiging, and moving – Tomorrow’s story unfolds gradually, clearly and with incredible detail – no mean feat when there is minimal dialogue – Lothian tells the most fascinating story across 40+ pages aided by Mac’s faultless artistic storytelling throughout – his unique style expressing the initial solitude of a little old lady as expertly as the ominous characters who appear (who I can’t reveal without spoiling!).

This is easily in my Top 5 indie comic books of 2017.

Well played BHP Comics and the creative team of Lothian and Mac.

If you’d like to attend the free launch event, full info is on the FB event page here.

If you’re not local to Glasgow, and haven’t picked up your own copy yet, you can either:  Order online here, or pick up a copy from Thought Bubble on the 23rd/24th September, from the BHP Comics table (Table 145-147) in the Comixology Marquee.





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